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It is important that every student can see the contributions of others and those that look like them as meaningful!

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The best way to come together is to first establish a rapport and safe place for students to come together and learn with and from each other. The Rise of the Living Museum allows students to utilize their talents of singing, acting, poetry, dancing and art to "edutain" not only their peers but the broader community. The obvious wikipedia or book report style facts are not what stands out but instead those interesting and little known facts delivered in a 90 second monologue tells a story that doesn't solely belong to the victor.

[Optional] Synthesize a little! What's one take away or insight to leave people with?

Start with dialogue, narratives and questions that feed the curious soul in a way that is inviting and meaningful so that all may be exposed to various perspectives and reflect on ways to move forward together .

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Hey Valerie! This is a neat idea. Can you unpack it a bit. What makes it such a powerful experience in building empathy? I'd love to have a peek inside your head to see your reflections as to why this story stands out to you.