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Usually, my glasses are reserved for slowwwww Saturday mornings en route to get a bagel and coffee, or crocheting on the couch with opera music playing softly in the background (on a rainy afternoon) ~ Ahhh!  Sometimes however, my students get new glasses.  And. They.  Don't. Want. To. Wear. Them.  E-V-E-R!!  So, we have a glasses party!  I will start wearing MY glasses to school.  My kids are like, "What?! YOU wear glasses too, Mrs. Smith?!"  I reply, "Why, yes, I do wear glasses (and contacts)!  I LOVE my glasses.  I do my BEST thinking and creating in them.  So, they are extra special." ;)  I encourage all of my other "glasses-wearers" to wear their glasses to class as well, and we have a glasses party.  Really, we're just learning like normal, but it makes it special.  My kids who are reluctant to wear their glasses start wearing them more and more, because they start feeling "cool." ;)

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Bust out those glasses with style.

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I love this idea! What made you think of this? What insight caused you to realize this need? What did you hear students saying or how did you observe them acting? I love that your empathy for your students made you think of this! SO cool. I wonder how you could take this idea further in the ideate phase? What insights could you pull from this to help you build out this idea further? Excited to see where you take this. Reach out if you'd like to chat about it...