Empathy From A Student’s Perspective

Matt describes why empathy is so important in his life and how he helped other students develop it.

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As a teacher, I feel very strongly about helping my students become empathic people. I worked with Matt, a high school senior, and a group of students to craft empathy experiences for my Design students. His group was really interested in making school more hands-on, so they interviewed a fellow student who has Rheumatoid Arthritis to learn what her daily life was like. They then created some parts of an arthritis suit for my students to wear. Matt and his group ran the class and helped my students put the devices on and attempt everyday tasks to actually feel what it was like. I sat down with Matt afterwards to talk about why this was so important to him and about what empathy feels like to him. 

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Empathy can be learned through experiences.

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Lisa! Thank you for sharing your various activities and experiences.
However, the topic of 'empathy' for young students still seems to be difficult.
Do you have videos or more specific material on the process of empathy experience, such as the entire process and test? I am more curious about the process and step-by-step experience that Matt and his group have pursued.