Classroom Circles

Students and staff get to put themselves in each other's shoes.

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This idea branches from "Restorative Circles." At the beginning or end of each day, each class or certain classes students and teachers would gather to talk about things the students want to share in their lives or have teacher driven discussions. They would be short (5 to 10 minutes). These discussions would lead into learning how to empathize and think about how others deal with situations or experiences. As this becomes a normal in the classroom students would feel more likely to share their experiences while also learning that their lives are different from the person next to them. Teachers would be able to start a discussion on a topic that is affecting the students and also make connections to classroom lessons. This would build a classroom community while also helping relationship grow. 

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This would be an easy, effective and beneficial way to teach empathy while building relationships and a classroom community where students feel safe to be more vulnerable.


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I love how this idea could serve to center students at the start and end of the day! I like how in normalizes the personal interactions.

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