Can you imagine your world falling apart?

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During my teaching time, I realized that my life is good.  As I talk to children and get to know them I can't say the same for them.  Through the tears and pain these children have to come to school and listen to us and they maybe hungry.  What happen if you didn't have any dinner last night, couldn't take a shower because there is no water, didn't even have a place to stay or your mother tells you she doesn't want you anymore? I am looking at children for who they are and what they bring.  We need to try to understand each others perspectives.   As teachers we have the rule of needs (Maslow's Hierarchy of needs).  If we can meet those lower needs then we are on our way to success.  Walk one day in the child's shoes and you would  see things differently?  I try to help our students get to self-actualization by meeting their physiological needs, safety, love and esteem. I stop and listen and meet the children where they are and my goal is to give them hope.  


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