Your Story Is My Story

Develop a model collaboration with Longleaf Middle School art students and Pruitt Health Facility of Blythewood through art.

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For students to prosper in this diverse society of global learners, they must develop empathy for others.

Reaching a lost hope? No, students will understand sharing, story-telling,  and listening during  times when students can be vulnerable to develop an appreciation for others through quilt-making with residents of PruittHealth of Blythewood. 

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Encompassed is my idea of, Your Story Is My Story. PruittHealth of Blythewood opened its doors across the street from my middle school, Longleaf a year after we opened in 2007. It has been an idea, a passion to create an ongoing partnership for many years. My art club has worked with PruittHealt several years previously under a different recreational director. We all have a purpose; it is not taken lightly the convenience of both campuses to bring this idea to life.


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Hey Patricia,

This is Emma on The Guild team! I'm intrigued by your idea and would love to hear more. What are you thinking about in terms of how collaboration might be improved to develop empathy. Excited to hear more.


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A good way to develop empathy is through dialogue, commonalities and interaction. I plan to take my art class of eighth graders to PruittHealth facility the first two visits to meet and greet. Next, we will group students with pre-selected residents, and plan to design and create quilts that will be raffled to continue this partnership. Students will be required to journal throughout their experience. Quilts not raffled, will be installed at Longleaf during a reception; Journals will be shared during the reception.

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