Telephone Practice With Other Students

Students practice English lessons with each other by telephone between every class.

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Telephone Homework

(Telephone Practice With Other Students)

          1.  Give a lesson that can easily be practiced on the phone.

          2.  Point out what the students are trying to master in the lesson.

          3.  Pass out a paper with teacher's name, phone number, and e-mail address and have students add their names and phone numbers to the paper

 ( At first it is easier if women call women and men call men.  After a few classes it doesn't matter at all!)

          5.  Demonstrate with a student how to practice the lesson on the phone.

          6.   Ask each student the day and time of the appointment. Make them  write it down. Remind them that this is like a doctor or dental  appointment!

                Do this at the end of every class!

            7.  When students sign in every day, have them put a gold star on the  chart if they practiced on the phone with another student.

               If they did not practice on the phone, have them put a silver star on the chart.

          8.   Post the chart where everyone can see it during class, and between                       classes if possible.



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Hey Jackie! Welcome! I love Lisa Yokana 's questions below. Was also going to add that it often helps posts come alive if you add a quick photo - you can take a screenshot of something and post it here! Thanks!

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