Pack your "virtual" suitcase, and visit four classrooms around the world!

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This opportunity blows my mind:  Four classroom teachers around the world link up, and each classroom gets to share.  Students from around the world can  fine-tune  their writing skills while simultaneously learning more about their new international friends.  Each class is showcased for a week, and then one of the other three follows suit.  This cycle can be repeated for so many different things.  How cool would this be to compare/contrast different seasons and weather, holidays, the typical school day, favorite snacks and recipes, music and songs, etc.?  Google Hangouts could even be incorporated!


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I think 4th - 6th grade students would really get the most out of this experience. It would be amazing to connect with classrooms in many different parts of the world, to see and feel some striking contrasts. I would love to connect with classrooms in Mexico, Guatemala, Kenya, India, Thailand, Japan, China, South Korea, France ~ Pretty much everywhere and anywhere with virtual capabilities!! ;) The video pen pal idea would be incredible for middle school and high school students as well.

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