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A social media site where students can report incidents anonymously, find support, hear others' stories and share resources.

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We want to create a forum that students can access on Google Play or iTunes that would be just for our local community. Features on the site would include an anonymous reporting feature where students could identify discriminatory or harassing behaviors without retaliation. It would also have a "lounge" area where students could dialog, find support or just sit in the sidelines and hear firsthand what goes down that you might not be aware of.  Thirdly, we feel that many students are not aware of resources that are available to them and this site could be a guide to services and donations that are out there. 

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I love this idea! So first, if you could add a photo to your post, it helps people get excited about your idea. Second, I'm wondering what age group you're going to do this with? Middle school? High school? Younger? And how do you monitor this site? It reminds me of the anonymous questions box that one of my former colleagues had in her room-students could ask ANY question anonymously and she would answer them several times a week. What assumptions are you making with this idea? And, always a concern, how might we be sure that students remain respectful on the site? How might we make this something that others might try?
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