Low- tech social media- empathy style

Students write down 3 facts about themselves- personal/ academic. Draw lines for connections- could be similarities or possibilities of help

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I love the accessibility of doing a low-tech social media event.

What type of conversation l are you imagining students might have around their facts? Is there a specific structure that you use to support the activity?

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Great questions Jessica.
I would possible start off with students creating some sort of learner map or people boards- asking them questions about themselves- what excites/ energises you? What stresses you? How do you learn? What do you like to learn? What do you find tricky? How do you like to communicate? How does someone repair communication breakage with you? etc Then it would be great to have these things pinned up (physically or virtually) so that people could make connections- i.e I see that Maths stresses you, and I know some great tricks that may help- so would you like me to share them with you?

I also think that there maybe some coaching prompts needed to support the students in finding out more about what another and knowing how best to utilise connections.