I Am From. . .

Students will create works based descriptions of who they are in order to create understanding of themselves and their classmates.

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Students will complete the prompt, "I am from. . ." (e.g., "I am from strawberries in the Spring, Blue Ridge Mountains, and barefoot in the grass.") in order to describe themselves.  They will then use the prompts to create works (visual art, dance choreography, music, and/or writing) that utilize their stories.  They may collaborate across art forms with other students and will share their works in order to create understanding of and empathy for each other.


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Hi Jennifer! I love this idea and have done a similar type of project before as an art and peer resources 8th grade collaboration. We had students use a template for the basic poem, I think the title was My People are... They then made plaster masks which ended up getting mounted on a board that had the poem all around the mask (painted and collaged)--inside the masks before they were mounted, they reflected on their inside vs outside selves, and thought about parts of themselves that no one would ever know unless they asked--the inside/outside self was part of our theme and I think you can really connect this with empathy. It was amazing to see the poetry and artwork the students created--students loved it and we all learned so much about it each other. We ended up displaying them around the school. I think these kinds of poems or prompts can bring so much out of students and there are so many great arts connections too and ways to express themselves--how might this look if shared through music or spoken word? How might these be expressed through dance or drama? great idea!

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