How might we setup learning processes co-designed and co-taught by students/learners ?

Setup flipped classes where adults are just there to facilitate and ensure that the learning process is robust enough

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Philippe, I love your idea and have been teaching my class in a similar way for the past two years. I've submitted a proposal, Your-Story of the United States, and would appreciate your take. Fully realized, I'm envisioning the course co-taught by three teachers across institutions in an effort to bridge the political/cultural divide. If you are interested, I'm looking for conspirators interested in collaborating. If you're interested, I've included a link to a working document below and would appreciate any suggestions or insights you might have to offer.
Shawn Dougherty

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Hey Philippe Drouillon - I love the idea of having classrooms run more by students as a way for teachers to develop empathy for their students. Can you share more? How do you see this as a tool / pathway for developing understanding? What are some ways you'd guide a teacher to do this? Great idea! Thanks for diving in.

P.S. are you a teacher? If so - where are you coming from? It's great to have you in our community.

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Tell us more! How might this increase empathy? Is it through teachers understanding the role of learner differently? And if you can, add a photo to go with your post so that people will want to click on it to find out more....