Flipping Cultures to Get into Their Shoes!

How could scenarios during school time "flip" students into seeing from the perspectives of others

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Drawing inspiration from the "Mix it Up at Lunch" movement, I wonder if there would be a way for students to "flip" cultures, languages, genders, social groups, races and/or ethnicities in order to gain a perspective into the lives of others.   Perhaps there is a way to run scenarios where students get to interact with others in novel ways that challenge them to empathize with those from other groups mentioned above.  Those identifying naturally in each of the groups (for example with culture: Mexican, African American, Caribbean, Vietnamese, white American, etc.) could brainstorm and collect thoughts about the benefits, challenges, and misconceptions of their own group and then others who identify with other groups could do the same.  Then the groups could be flipped in some way to allow interactions to play out that would challenge students to question themselves, learn from the perspectives of others and hopefully come away with a broadened point of view!


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Love this idea! I wonder how we could implement this on an elementary school level! I think that empathy in this way could definitely begin as early as elementary school!!

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