Building Empathy Through Writing

Students can write about things they do and then share with others.

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Walking in another child's shoes.....

To help build empathy the teacher can complete a writing assignment based on student experiences.  Have the students journal what they did either during a particular day of the week or weekend.  Have the students share their writings in class and then do an exchange of experiences.  The students have to use another student's experience and then write about how they would feel if they had done the same thing.  (Example:  student went to CICI's pizza, what did the student order, did he or she have fun, etc...).  Then another student that had a different experience (example:  stayed at home and watched T.V. or played with friends, etc.) These students would exchange their experiences and then write about how the others experience would have made them feel.  The students can also create a play (script) or role-play.


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