Empathy Book Trailers

Students create "Walk in their shoes" book trailers to share what they learned about what life is like for main character in the story.

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We learn to empathize with others by listening to their stories. In our middle school library, our students have access to thousands of stories about characters going through grief, joy challenges , success and loss. To promote empathy through the use of the stories on our shelves, students that finish a book that they love can record a short book trailer sharing what it was like to walk in the shoes of the main character and what they learned. Student recommendations are the most powerful way to promote books in the library. Focusing the book trailer in this way will focus the attention on the experience of the character and will encourage more students to want to learn what it's like to "walk in the shoes" of that character. 

My Empathy Book Trailers Resources worksheet completed during the Build session. 

Check out my Empathy Book Trailers Video Pitch

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Hi Lorena. I am just seeing this through a search for PBL projects on empathy with second graders. My school librarian has written a grant to get SEL books on many topics for our library and I thought this would be a wonderful way to showcase the books and have children "walk in the shoes" of the characters and understand how they are feeling. I'd love to use your idea. Do you have any suggestions for trying this with 7-8 year olds?
Kathy Hannon

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