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Have your students join the conversation with staff when designing the school's schedule to include their needs and perspective.

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It's important to remember that the schedule should seek to serve the students' needs as well as the staff.  Their input and perspective is critical in creating an atmosphere where the students feel included.  

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! I like the fishbowl idea and will try to implement in some form or fashion. This is my first year at this particular school so I'm doing a lot of listening and observing. I've mostly just opened up the conversation to students and listened to their feedback regarding schedule. We did an activity where they tried to design an experience for Middle Schoolers that would bring back a Kindergarten-esque element to their current daily lives. They eventually landed on remaking the schedule to include more field trips, outdoor experiences, student choice projects and less homework. It certainly opened up my eyes to their priorities and now I need to figure out how to connect staff with those students to build upon that conversation.

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