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Community members from diverse backgrounds read picture books specifically on empathy and have an informal discussion with class.

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"Stories have the power to bring emotions to life and help children understand their own feelings and those of others."  (McKeaney and Mears, 2015)

Picture books are always deemed appropriate for early childhood and elementary school aged children; however, middle and high school students can also benefit from picture books.  I would like to do a school wide picture book day of books that contain aspects of emotion development, empathy and culturally diverse books for students gain insight and knowledge of persons who may be alike and different from them.  Community members, district personnel, and teachers alike would read a picture book and then discuss the implications of the events that occurred with the students as well as share stories that specifically deal with topics found in the book.   The picture books would be read on World Read Aloud Day or another designated day.  

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So many wonderful things are learned through great picture books! Is it possible to contain this to one day!?

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