Empathetic Exploration Goes Global (Virtual Reality)

Take my students on cultural, global field trips through Google cardboard programs to experience others realities, struggles and victories

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Google Cardboard VR is allowing children to ‘experience’ a foreign landscape/culture or way of thinking to help them understand difference and empathy on a global and natural level. To be able to see Cinco De Mayo celebrations in Mexico City or experience the Civil Rights Movement though a 360 degree surround movie can really be a powerful force in forming memory and learning empathy for others.  Be it in our nations past or in lands far away. Children who might have felt isolated when learning global/historical/scientific/ ELA content are now free to explore and engage on a new level. We can help students care about people by letting them experience others realities, struggles and victories first hand


Currently global news companies such as the New York times are creating platforms to support news with a 360 degree camera's so that current events can be a truly personal event.  WONDERFUL EXAMPLES!: 

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d04n6aE8FOk

 2. https://www.nytimes.com/video/the-daily-360

3. https://with.in/ Courtesy of Tami Lenker

Using 3D and virtual reality environments as part of your education methodology allows your students to experience an entirely new side of themselves and the content. This type of technology breathes life back into learning. It also re-engages students. They are then using critical thinking skills and it promotes enthusiasm in users . Virtual reality technology can bring a plethora of benefits to any competition or learning event

A more detailed description of the tasks is located on this collaborative document. Any feedback and comments are welcomed!     document.

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Love this idea, just got a set of Google Cardboards, it would be interesting to see a Google Expedition that teaches these things.

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Oh I am so glad you are having such success with them. If you have a set for your classroom perhaps you might enjoy this. The New York times just put out a 360 news station. So kids can watch the news with google cardboard. I have added the link just in case. https://www.nytimes.com/video/the-daily-360

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I haven't seen this. Thanks for the link.

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