Creating Conversation Places - Building on What We are Already Doing

I would like to see us use the community that we have created through the maker space.

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In working with our media specialist I would like to see the positive community our maker space is becoming and introduce ideas such as conversation starters and having friends and classmates take a moment to find out something about another person by asking a question that might not come up in normal conversation.  Another idea is to create a kindness corner where we can give students ideas for random acts of kindness to do.

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Hi Dense! I love the idea of the kindness corner and the random acts of kindness...I wonder, is there a way to include that directly with what they are making? Maybe the sentence starters trigger a project idea that a small group builds out, but continues the conversation while building? I agree that it can be a lot easier to open up and have conversations while you are making/building and sharing ideas together. Would love to see what happens with this idea!

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