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School wide Read, Benefit Concert and Awareness of Others Cultures and Environments

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Upon completing the annual school wide read of Serafina's Promise, students will learn more about refugees to include culture, experiences and War torn environments.  Students will participate and create various mediums of work to share lessons learned from the novel and highlight the need to help others.  A 2 week fundraiser will begin the day after the school wide read of the novel.  A Benefit Expo sharing the artwork, creative writing and performances from Dance, Drama, Orchestra, Band and Chorus will conclude the PBL. 

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Hi Cynthia--What I really appreciate about your idea is how broad and deep the possibilities are! The time to process, create, and share what they have learned through the arts is awesome, plus it gives students a way to share out to the greater community. And adding the community fundraiser/awareness to give back is such a great addition--bravo!! Can't wait to see how this plays out!

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