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Students will learn mindfulness, active listening, and reflection skills to increase conflict resolution and see others through a new lens.

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Students will learn practical mindfulness skills through formal and informal practice.  We will practice an active listening structure which will enable students to hear what their peers (and others) are saying, not what they interpret through their own lens, in order to better understand others' viewpoints.  We will synthesize and apply these skills to create conflict resolution strategies that respect differences, empower students, and create understandings of each other. 

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Thank you so much for all your feedback, everyone!
Lane Laney  : I would love to have that contact information, if you don't mind sharing it.
Shyla Batliwalla : Thank you so much for that feedback. You are so right; it does have to start top down. I would love to offer Mindfulness training (and yoga) for teachers/admin, as well. That may need to be one arm of the plan.
Regina Dilley LeCinda Jennings : Let's collaborate to make a plan to cover K12. I think we could figure out how this would work across all grades.

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Jennifer Bull Thank you! I'd love to collaborate. I'm excited that we have interest at each level.
Lane Laney I'd be interested in the contact info as well.

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LeCinda Jennings Jennifer Bull If you email me at llaney@richland2.org, I'll forward his information to you!

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