The Future of Learning

If you want to bring education into the 21st C changing one thing will do nothing! We need an education architecture for wholesale change!

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The Future of Learning is a 200pp resource that is free to download from here 

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If we want learners to take agency over their learning then they need to be: 1. Competent and this requires an understanding of their Identity, Thinking & Questioning, Managing Self, Collaboration and Cultural awareness 2. Knowing how to learn! We tell learners to learn but no-one actually explains the Learning Process to them! These two issues enable agency and then we need a curriculum that is conceptually based rather than thematic

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Hi Mark,Thanks for sharing your body of work. Can you pull a few key ideas or quotes from your book that will help teachers and students address the architectural change you talk about in your book? What are the key steps folks can change in their classroom to create students ready for the 21st century--- more kinder, smarter digital citizens. I'd love to hear some key thoughts folks can build on.