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Conducted some awareness programs on cyber security act 66 and 67. To make the youth realise offence that could be cause through curiosity and end up being a criminal offence. Also how the future is effected by unawareness. 

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Many students were not aware of simple things life watching pornography is a crime for a juvenile in India. Also sharing objectionable stuff through social media is punishable. Question raised were discussed and shared with others.

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Hi Julie!

Tell us more about the awareness programs on cyber security! We used to have a Cyber Security club at my school pushed by the students and I'm so curious to see what kinds of strands you covered in the program? Was it interactive? Are there key exercises or themes our teachers can build on?

Have you seen this lesson called Prying Eyes? Link to resource>

"Students in grades 3 to 5 learn about codes - and Jefferson's wheel cipher - by making their own codes with a limited number of symbols. They then attempt to break each other's codes and discover the relationship among encryption, decryption, and shared keys."