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Ongoing question: How do all adults in a school community responsibly role model social media use without violating professional boundaries

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It is a legitimate debate with concerns on both sides of the discussion of how we create adult role models for students who responsibly use social media while remaining in an appropriate relationship with students. 

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Friending a student on Facebook would make me very nervous, but the more I see adults use something like Twitter or Instagram responsibly - which can be a one-way communication tool that students can look to without being looked at - the better I think it ends up being not only as a learning tool, but also as a model for how to use social media. I've seen colleagues do this very well by posting relevant and interesting (and sometimes appropriately humorous) articles.

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Thanks for sharing this insight Alex. It is interesting how different platforms are used and thereby create different impact. I also noticed that you didn't include an image with your submission. It would be great if you could add something to help your submission -- there are some great images for free use at