Students Create a Reputation Management Plan to Secure their Online Identity.

Each student makes a Haiku Deck or presentation with their plan to promote themselves positively online, and share on class websites.

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In today's society, we cannot hide from the Internet. Instead, we need to teach students how to proactively promote themselves online to purposely create the positive digital footprint they desire.  Each student must come up with a Reputation Management Plan (10 guidelines on Haiku Deck, Google Slides, or Glog) that will enhance their presence positively through a search engine.  The students will publish their plan on their own website portfolios or class webpage to share within the school community as a stepping stone for discussion and reflection.  Here is a link to the Reputation Management Plan I created for myself as an example.

Build: I chose a team of students to start discussing their digital footprint and the importance of not hiding from the Internet and being proactive with creating a positive online identity. They are googling themselves first and then I will be showing them both positive and negative online identities to discuss in class. These will be fictitious characters using Common Sense Media and some I found online. Students begin using Haiku Deck to create the plan.

Inspired by BSU M.E.T. Program, Social Learning Graduate Class.

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When applying for college or a job, recruiters and employers do an Internet search of the candidate in question. It is important not to be invisible, but to have an online presence that promotes yourself and your abilities. This was important to my Graduate School Program and myself since my footprint helped create the connections and opportunities I have currently. My work is found through search engines with positive impacts. This plan can influence your personal brand. Go make it happen!

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Anyone with any ideas on how to develop this into a more researched and student driven lesson plan, feel free to comment with your thoughts. Since this had the most applause so far out of my ideas, I would love to hear why you were compelled to applause and perhaps what may be missing. This challenge was inspiring since I did not have anyone I knew in this collaboration, so I am determined to work hard to continue collaborating and getting to know everyone, and hopefully influence some colleagues to jump aboard the next challenge. So I may not get the most hearts being a newbie, but i will do my best to be of help to you all as well.

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