Look in the Mirror!

Check yourself before you wreck yourself...or someone else!

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GOAL: Have students pause and think before posting something hurtful or unkind on social media. Encourage them to experiment with these strategies and discuss what they notice.

  • Attach a mirror to the side of the computer and watch yourself as you type your post. Does seeing yourself make you feel more ownership over the comment and less anonymous?
  • Have students read a negative post about themselves and check their pulse. How does it affect them physically?
  • Create a slide deck of mostly positive tweets or comments from social media. Sneak in a slide or two with a really negative post. Have one partner film the other partner while s/he is viewing the slide deck. What do the partners notice about facial expressions and body language while reading positive comments vs. negative?

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Jennifer -- great use of "biofeedback" sorts of elements in your idea! Thanks for sharing.