Digital Citizenship

Students create positive web profiles, for themselves at the age of 25.

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Would love to see this come to life. Would you use a particular program or will it be handmade. There are great templates online if needed.

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Deborah, what a great idea! Would love to hear more about your idea. Any lesson plans or resources you can share with the community? This is super cool and I'm really curious to hear more about your vision! Excited to see the wisdom you share with us. :-) -Alysha

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Hi Deborah. Thanks for sharing this idea -- having students project into their future selves is powerful. You might enjoy checking out similar ideas on the platform for inspiration in the build phase.

I also saw that you didn't include a picture, so it would be great if you added a visual to give your idea the attention it deserves. You can find some good free use images at