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To learn to be better digital citizens, students need to be active users and creators of digital content on a globally collaborative scale.

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To learn to be better digital citizens - smart, kind and secure - students need to be active users and creators of digital content. What better way to do this than to create a global collaboration platform where students can practice these digital citizenship skills all while seeing and experiencing the power and connectivity of the internet. Students can be paired with others around the world and complete a series of tasks or activities together that force them to practice being safe, kind and secure, all while learning about the other's cultures to earn a "Digital Citizenship Passport" These activities can range from math challenges to collaborative book creation to practicing foreign languages, any activity that requires working together and the sharing of information and knowledge. This could also be seamlessly integrated into existing school curriculums. This platform would be intended to start for young students and work for them as they progress through their years of school. By forcing students to interact with the online world in productive, positive and safe ways, we would be creating a new generation of students with strong digital citizenship skills embedded into their DNA. 

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Book Creator has been a great platform for creating global books with inputs from schools around the world. Why not build a web based platform that has multiple capabilities all under the watchful eye of teachers and parents.


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This is cool - would love to see a bit more detail. Have you seen anyone do something like this?

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