Digital Citizenship in Two Minutes or Less

Suggestions for incorporating #digcit micro-lessons into your daily routines.

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Here's my blog post with suggestions for Digital Citizenship in Two Minutes or Less. What are YOUR ideas for bite-size #digcit lessons?

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Off the top of my head... Pick out social media content, like an instagram photo or story, tweet, inspirational content, gifs, etc, and have students work in groups for a quick blitz in which they pick apart why it's viral, why it's good digcit content, etc. Or provide a series of photos/content and have the students quickly jot down impressions within the context of digcit, which would go by very quickly. Perhaps the blitz-ness of this exercise can teach students how first-impressions are quick. Perhaps at the end, we can pull all the data together and see which impressions became "viral." That'll also help teach that first impressions come quickly and people don't give those impressions much decisive calculation, and those impressions, no matter how irrational or impractical, can go viral.

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