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Make an analog twitter board in your class to practice positive digital citizenship.

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I have seen this idea shared at conferences before and found Mary Wever's example on-line, which by itself is a great example of positive digital citizenship! A poster is created in the classroom with a space for each student to 'paper tweet' their thoughts and reflections throughout the year. I think it looks like a great way to dip your toes into the who/what/where/when/why/how of social media. 

Update 4/2

I used this free resource: to print slips for each student. I laminated the slips and put a sticker photo of each student on the slip. This way each student knows which one is theirs and it lets us write on them with whiteboard markers that we can easily wipe off and reuse. 

I introduced this project to one 4th grade and one 5th grade project today. We discussed the pros and cons of social media and future implications of posts.  Many students had heard of twitter but were not familiar with the nuts and bolts. We discussed twitter handles, hashtags, characters and character counts. We also discussed how we will use the twitter slips in their rooms - which will vary  by the day and the topic. Today was our first day back from spring break so we used #springbreak as a way for students to share what their break was like. Future 'tweets' might include a topic in math of the day (#decimals), science (#gravity) or an author they are studying (#patriciapollaco). In addition, we might also use this as an end of the day reflection for students to share a learning or wonder. 

So far, it seemed like students enjoyed a chance to share through this platform. They liked creating their own twitter handle and several students were already being creative with hashtags;  for example: #bigair from a student that went skiing. 

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

I show my twitter feed to students when we are involved in projects that have a broader reach. For example #kindergartenbioblitz showed my kindergarten students what animals students all over the world were seeing during the last week of February. A classroom bulletin board would let students feel like they could contribute to the conversation too.
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If you would like to add a digital twist and embed something similar on your website, try using Padlet, a free digital post-it wall. You can see the one I made on my school website for a welcome message from each child, but a tweet would even be more fun with the hashtag.

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Thanks for the suggestion Patricia! I've seen Padlet but never had an opportunity to try it with students. This would be a great way to practice tweets.

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