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Making students more aware of diversity in the community

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I find that most students,even adults seem to feed a perceived presence online which they think might make them "more accepted" in society. What if they were opened up to the idea of bridging this notion and been exposed to a diverse set of adults in society including individuals of different cultures, abilities and standards of living.

Their assignment could consist of challenging a prevalent stereotype in society,do research on any one individual who broke a certain common stereotype and present their journey to the class in an attempt to develop the notion of "think twice before judging" They can use a variety of online portals and search bars to find these stories,maybe try and communicate with them in an effective manner to trace their journey.

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

I work largely with students who have physical disabilities,they have often shared with me that they feel very free online,their disability isn't the first thing that people notice. I have often wondered if their digital footprint should be an escape from reality or should help bridge the gap and make their real selves heard louder.


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Stereotypes are so prevalent and very often so incorrect. I love the idea of directly addressing this.

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Thanks Hedi!

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