Art, Student Choice and Pace of Work in Middle School

Students are given project choice in the classroom,allowing work in areas of authentic interest and pacing that accommodates them.

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As an option for student choice, they can use digital content to access projects they are interested.   The ability to choose content and understand what makes that content valuable allows for better understanding and access to material.  As students work at different paces, this access allows them to work slower or faster.  Due dates are established well in advance with reminders each week.  Google Classroom is used for Teacher driven content with the ability for students to comment, add and share their projects on a digital platform.  

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

Students in Middle School love choice! They also thrive on peer learning and exploration. When students are surveyed at the end of the year about class climate, work and experience, student choice is always on the top of the list. While students work at their own pace they are also building on a valuable life skill, completion, persistence and the ability to persevere and problem solve. These lesson stay with them and apply to many real life situations.


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Great reminder for all lesson planning to allow flexibility and wiggle room to cater to the unique personalities of every student. Looking forward to hearing about the options for projects students can take up. I'm running out of artsy ideas suitable for students.

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