A school-wide Twitter competition during which teachers "share their greatness," modeling positive use of social media in our school.

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While guiding students in posting positively, the staff on my high school's Digital Democracy team ,"Viking Network," created an event to promote the beneficial use of social media in school. We offered all teachers, coaches and activity sponsors to take part in a #TeacherTakeover. As a week-long event with prizes, we invited all staff to share via Twitter some of the great things going on at our high school, William Fremd High School in Palatine, IL.  Everything from unique student projects to team achievements and club milestones to creative bulletin boards were shared. Teachers throughout the school, some of whom never tried Twitter before, joined in on the competition and further developed our school's PLN. The goal of #TeacherTakeover @ThisIsFHS was initially to illustrate the benefits of utilizing social media to engage, connect and motivate with a platform many students already regularly use . . .  but became much more. 

Because of the wide, cross-curricular response and active engagement of staff and students, as a follow-up, we will be turning the tables and giving the students the lead online. We will be offering the "3 Words Challenge," inviting students to post a 20-second-or-less video that answers the question, "What does 'FHS Unite' mean to you?" in THREE words. We will invite students to work alone, with a group of friends, as a class, a team or a club. The video with the most favorites and/or retweets wins the grand prize (prototype of specific instructions attached). 

This follow-up event will invite students to collaboratively utilize their creative skills while highlighting the positive things that they love about their school.  This promotes a kind, positive school culture along with a sense of belonging. Additionally, asking students to share using only 3 words, and limiting that share through a 20-second-or-less video, guides students to be cognizant of the purpose of their message and, thus, practice positive communication online.

Viking Network Team @ThisIsFHS:

Hamid Mehreioskouei, Assistant Principal

Theresa Christensen, English Teacher

Katie Johnson, Dean of Students/Family & Consumer Science Teacher

Jason Hogrefe, Physical Education Teacher

Keith Sorensen, Technology Coordinator

David Strykowski, Business Teacher

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3 Words Challenge.pdf

Here is a prototype of our next event. As a follow-up to the #TeacherTakeover event, we will be offering a new challenge to the students. In similar fashion as the teacher competition, students will be invited to share (using only three words!) what unity around our school means to them.


The email sent to staff a few days before the event, detailing the rules of the #TeacherTakeover competition.


Slip placed in teacher mailboxes, reminding them of the #TeacherTakeover event. We placed this in the mailboxes the evening before the first day of the event.


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Seems like an easy way to add digital literacy to the school culture without a dedicated class. Without a class, this might encourage teachers to talk about it organically (and opportunistically) instead.

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Thanks for the feedback, John! Yes, one of the aspects we thought worked well was incorporating the practice of digital literacy outside of the classroom, thus promoting a school-wide culture that virtually everyone could feel a part of.