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Older students have the opportunity to teach younger students how to engage on line.

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In a multi-level classroom or school setting, allow the older students to "teach" the younger students how to create social media posts. Older students could have a series of questions that they use to guide their younger counterparts along:

- What do you want to share?
- With whom?
- Why do you want to share it?
- How can you express your share in a way that is clear and positive?
--> If it is an original post is it sharing something that others would want to see?
--> Have you made sure you are not sharing something that hauled not be shared (ex: personal information)?
--> If the post is responding to another, are you assuming positive intent?
--> Are you using clear and precise language and avoiding hurtful or negative words?
--> Does the post offer a solution, new perspective, or open the door for conversation?

Once the students haver crafted their posts they can create an analog/physical version of the post to share, or if appropriate post on line.


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