Social Experiment:Behind the Camera

Videos and comments to see effects of what is presented online and the effect it may have on a student.

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Create an online portal for students to upload videos of their classmates and ask them to comment on what they say. Each of them can have a online profile and a handle for posting their comments. Each student uploads a "positive" video/picture  of another student doing something good or helping others,however the video has to be not structured or planned and should be captured within the students natural environment.Students can be assigned to capture a digital action for a classmate they aren't friends with while they are doing something positive.The class can then comment about what they thought about the the students action and the student can share how they felt on seeing encouraging comments and likes about one of their behaviors.


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Having students practice posting positively is fabulous; but, then taking it a step further and asking them to reflect on each other's posts is a great way to solidify the benefits.

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Thanks Theresa Christensen