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Students can benefit from a "shape your identity" class and how can we use technology to help them dig deeper.

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I have students fill out a "Get to Know You" survey at the beginning of the school year. 

 What are your overall feelings coming into SI (our school)? What are your feelings on Science in general? 

I have this idea of taking all the surveys and asking the students to look at all that data  and then reflecting on their future path as it relates to their online identity.

What is your personality online? How do you change what people see when they google search you?  Balancing the online and offline identity is a challenge. There's too much emphasis on the aesthetic "on the surface" pieces and not enough on "what do I actually want to do in my life?" and is that being "reflected" online. 

I could see students benefitting from a "shape your online identity" course? How do you use social media to help you grow as a person and not just on the superficial level.  How do we get them to dig deeper?

I partner with the librarians on this work. Show them more positive outlets of folks that they can model after. 


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Ms. Mona Dunne Nice one. It looks like a good activity that might lead into developing a personal brand. After a quick Google, I see some neat activities out there like:

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