Role Playing Online Interactions

Students act out scenarios focused on digital citizenship that occur online, reflecting on how the behavior is received in the real world.

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The activity would help students connect digital applications to real world interactions. The focus would be on digital citizenship and the teacher, or teacher and students, could come up with common online scenarios that involve intelligent actions, kindness, and security. The classroom could read through the common online scenarios, each of which involves a challenge within the aforementioned focus areas (exs. a student acts unkind towards a stranger in a forum, or a student reveals more information than they should to an unknown person online). Students in the class could then act out the scenario as it would happen in the real world (exs. student being mean to an unknown person in a face-to-face manner, or a student revealing personal information to a stranger on the street). The class would then reflect on the in-person actions, discussing the challenge and appropriate responses, as well as connecting it to how they should act in an online setting when faced with similar scenarios.


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LOVE role playing for exploring digital literacy scenarios. Easy to store the videos and have students comment (text, audio or video) on them.

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Thanks John!
I like the idea of creating videos along with student comments as well. I think the exercise would still be beneficial for those that can't create videos as well.