Create a Kindness tree for digital citizenship

Take one, Pin one---a Learning Tree for Digital Citizenship

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Inspired by a walk in my neighborhood, I found kids had written these notes of kindness on the tree. Notes that looked like they were written by kids. A descriptive note said" In a world we live in, we put up these notes as a sign of all those passing by to enjoy the nice things in life."  Sayings like, "Kindess in contagious!" or "This is a reminder: you are amazing!" What if we found trees in our neighborhood or on our school campus and encouraged kids to write down thoughts of kindness but online  #gratitude --they would seek out POSITIVE social media posts, print them out and put them on the tree or put up tips on how to be kind online. Passer-byers would grab a kindness note ---the kids would replenish the tree daily with more positive notes. 


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