Common Sense, Digital Bytes: Step Forward Unit

How can young people use social media as a powerful tool to make real changes in this world?

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This Digital Byte, Step Forward, from Common Sense shows students how even as young people, they have a very powerful tool available to enact real change in our world, social media! Each lesson (byte) has video clips and activities that support the topic. 

For this unit, the first case study video told the story of Erika, an illegal immigrant to this country while the second clip focused on the website, Both clips were impactful and the guiding/discussion questions quite effective! After which, there was a choice of two activities to wrap up the unit. 

However, instead of the suggested activities, we edited the unit to include a discussion with students on their thoughts on the National School Walkout: What are they protesting? Why? How would they like to show their support, given a choice? 


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