An Empathy Revolution

We need an empathy revolution: truly discovering the caring, compassionate hearts and minds of those who will lead the future.

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"We need an empathy revolution." So says Darren Menachemson from the Design Consultancy 'ThinkPlace' (in Canberra, Australia). Why? To use design thinking to get under the data and numbers of our statistics to the hearts and minds of those we serve. 

What if we took that powerful idea, an 'Empathy Revolution' and applied it to discovering the hearts and minds of our future leaders? 

What if instead of attempting to find solutions to questions we don't fully understand, we used an empathy-based discovery tool to connect to each other and gain insight to the more deep-seated issues that are causing the problems to begin with? 

What if we had an empathy tool that tapped us into the hearts of minds of our children and learners, to tap into the seeds of their wisdom that will lead tomorrow?


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