"Would you say that to your grandma?" (app idea)

A popup window appears when you push share/send/publish with a picture of your grandma or other loved one, with a self-crafted reminder.

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For students (or someone else who knows how to do this!) create an app that generates a customizable pop up window when you push send/post/share/publish on selected media. The pop up would include a photo of a person you hold dear - like your grandma - with a reminder (which could be customized) asking if grandma would be okay with the content of your post.


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You can use keynote to show us in screenshot-format what this app would look like? Or here are some quick ideas using post-its on how you can share with us this grandma app? I love this idea by the way!

I have said to my students-- the Grandma/Principal rule. Imagine your grandma is sitting on your left side and the Principal of your school is sitting on the right side of you while you post, would you still click post?

Can you include a quick screenshot of what the action steps look like for this app?

Some inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yafaGNFu8Eg

Just throwing an idea out there to build on this---so we can get a sense of what this awesome app looks like ! Let us know how we can help, can't wait to see your final build!


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