Where Class Routines Meet School Wide Lessons

Create a classroom routine around digital citizenship then allow the students to become experts and teach other students.

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My idea is a cross between "School Rituals and Routines" and "Instructional Design."  The idea being that you create conversations and lessons that allow students to discuss the purpose of sharing things online along with online safety precautions.  Have the students come up with a plan of how they could lead these discussions with a younger class, and/or come up with tips, rules, advice for other students when using social media.  This all could lead into conversation about how online and offline behavior is connected and how being a good digital citizen is being a good citizen in general, (this could also be a starting point).

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I have had students print a picture they have posted on social media (or print a picture they like and WOULD post if they do not use social media) and encouraged them to go around the school and ask people in person if they "LIKE" the photo. The interesting observation was that the students were very reluctant to approach people in real life, but had no problem posting it online to the world.


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How about students write an e-mail to "future" selves? Teachers are the intermediary and sit on the e-mails for a few months. When finally sent, students get to see how they "sound" using e-mail.

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