Virtue Forest in the Clouds

Create goodness in the digital world by stimulating positive actions thru network (cloud) of Digital-Goodness-Trees between schools.

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Inspired and sparked by Jennifer Gaspar-Santos, the mother of the forest-to-be.

Building on Ms. Jennifer's "Create a Kindness tree for digital citizenship"...

In an ever chaotic digital world of trolling, misinformation, and complaining/shouting into the cloud--internet void--we often have to remind ourselves, and encourage, to share the good things in life as well as add more goodness. I'm also reminded of Paul Kim's calling to attention about digital pollution. Let's brighten up the cloud, together. I think students and parents and the community can become fantastic stewards and good digital citizens by engaging and actively doing good and spreading in the digital cloud. Be virtuous and spread the virtue.

Once upon a time, there was a tree...

This tree would hang tags or notes. Each note will focus on a good action in the digital world. Some acts can include:

- Support a digital campaign for a global issue

- Compliment and encourage a stranger and their good-cause digital campaign

- Give positive feedback to a story/project on Instagram

- Sign a petition for a good cause

- Share a super cute puppy or kitten video with a friend

The primary criteria for a tag can be 1) spreads happiness 2) helps others 3) via digital. 

A school can also have multiple trees, allowing teachers to make trees of their own for their classrooms. Schools with multiple trees are like groves and small woods.

And this tree would spread its seeds throughout the heavens...

Each person will create a tag and write down a good deed and hang it on the tree. There will be similar or duplicates, and that's fine. When a tag is put on the tree, a tag of personal choice is taken. The individual will then commit to doing what is on the tag within a short time frame. When the deed is done, a tally is added to the tag and returned to the tree. 

When a tag has reached 10 tallies, a duplicate tag is made. What shall we do with maximized tags?

People can continue to participate as often as they like, preferably once a week at the least. This provides a fantastic, stunning visual of just how much goodness has been spread around them. Usually, in the cloud, it's hard to count and see how much good there is. So this tree will show all the seeds of good deeds in the digital world.

in the blink of an eye, clouds of forests were born

Each school should focus every 6-12 months on one to two themes. This way, each school amplifies a particular action, making a single action type extra potent and impacting. One school might focus on helping animal rights campaigns, or environmental campaigns. Another school might focus on the act of sharing videos or articles on career encouragement (goalcast?). Another school might focus on the act of sharing positive messages to others.

Imagine every school, in the cloud, each turning on a different light of goodness, changing its color every few months. Now imagine hundreds of schools, all those twinkling lights. All of those lights represent goodness, virtue, kindness. 


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Wow--this is great Greg! +1 on these ideas: - "Support a digital campaign for a global issue" and - "Give positive feedback to a story/project on Instagram" I like this>" this tree will show all the seeds of good deeds in the digital world." Reminds of the work done at the center for humane technology---you might find extra resources here to "grow" this idea (pun intended)

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