Using Wikipedia as Teaching Tool

Empower students by having them create or expand existing Wikipedia articles with reliable sources

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Enable students to empowerment by actually having them add/edit the 5th most popular website in the world (Jan. 2018)!

Students will learn how to interact with the Wikipedia/media/commons community.  

If at all possible, they upload their own images of the topic/subject they are writing about. 

In editing an existing article, students should identify and improve clarity to any sentences that need updating or  

Have other grade levels vet and determine the reliability of the article.

Niche down controversial subjects (i.e. climate change in California)

Use journalistic objectivity and integrity and avoid sensationalism


Cite at least three primary sources and build footnotes and appendices

Work closely with Librarian

Follow structure of Wikipedia articles

  • Critical Thinking and Research Skills
  • Media and Information Literacy
  • Collaboration with Wikipedia/Commons editorial community
  • Writing Skills

Explore the use of blockchain technology for verification of primary sources

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

Original reference: How to use Wikipedia as a teaching tool Blockchain and Wikis:


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Hi Fred, Great seeing you on the platform friend! This part intrigued me> "Explore the use of blockchain technology "

It's definitely disrupted Higher Ed:

But how are you imagining it used in this instance? Curious minds want to know!

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Fred. isn't it amazing how perceptions of wikipedia have changed over the years? thanks for sharing this contribution. I hope you will publish it as it is currently in draft form. I also see that that you didn't include a picture with your submission -- it would be great if you added a visual to give your idea the attention it deserves. You can find some good free use images at

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Thank you, Paul, for the words of encouragement! I've been racking my brains on how to "perfect" this idea, but you reminded me to go ahead and publish it and share with others and have fellow educators help improve it. Thanks for the awesome resource!

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Thank You FRED!