The L.A.S.T. Technique for young students who encounter concerning items online

L= Leave the Screen A= Ask an Adult S= Say Something T= Think

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This is a technique we have taught to elementary students when encountering concerning or otherwise inappropriate material online. We teach them that they did nothing wrong, and encourage them to ask questions of adults around them. This also relates to cyberbullying incidents, to speak up instead of being a bystander. It's a simple way to remember what to do.

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Shame can have long-term developmental effects on children. ( Shaming in public, like in a classroom environment is particularly damaging to children. One reason for the L.A.S.T. technique is to emphasize that when children find these things online, they did nothing wrong. And adults, when a child brings these items to their attention should praise and encourage reflection about why the item may be concerning.


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Great advice, and I love the fact that is so simple. What age group have you been using this with?

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Thank you! We've used it with Grades 2-5.