Stronger Together: Parent Communication about Responsible Technology Use

Develop a multi-pronged communication approach inviting parents into a discussion about best-practices regarding student technology.

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Over the few years, the school has become more aware of how the use of screens and the way students interact online has begun to influence the school culture. Rather than throwing up our hands in defeat or demanding change through draconian measures, the thought has been to engage the community as a whole. While this has primarily focused on #digcit, the parent community partnership has also begun to play an integral role in influencing student-school culture.

We have discovered multiple venues for communications and  a willing audience happy to have some guidance, research, and, more importantly, to engage in discussion about what works (and what doesn't).

So far, these have included:

  • Presentations to parents at their regularly scheduled meetings
  • Presentation to incoming freshman about discussions to have as a family regarding technology use and expectations BEFORE they come to high school
  • Community showing of SCREENAGERS and a Q&A session with parents, techs, teachers, and social workers/counselors.
  • An in-development section of the website with tips and links to resources for parents and students to develop a tech-use contract and set of guidelines

We would love to build on the foundation that we have with additional listening sessions, parent-led discussions, and other school based community activities.


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