Moving from Media Police to Media Mentors

A calendar full of ideas to help parents develop a positive relationship with their kids around digital technologies - not just police it.

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Media Mentor Month is an initiative to help parents develop a positive relationship with their children around digital technologies. Just as we want to be mentors for our children in reading or having a healthy lifestyle, we also want to mentor them in their digital world too (see more details about being a Media Mentor here). The trouble is, sometimes parents don’t know exactly how to go about that. Media Mentor Month provides parents with some ideas and strategies to help foster and develop that relationship.

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Attending a conference in London around screen time research led me to the conclusion that there is an over-emphasis on limits and not enough focus on thinking critically about how we use screens, particularly how we use screens with our children. This echoed experiences students at my school in Switzerland shared, where their parents "hate" their kids' iPads, despite being on their phones a lot. Showing parents how to be mentors for their kids seemed essential to changing this paradigm.

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The full calendar of Media Mentor Month. Look for the hashtag #MediaMentorMonth on Twitter.


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