K-8 social media connections

A social media platform that is used school-wide to collaborate, share, and build community.

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I have not done this. This is just an idea I have had for some time now.

I work at a k-8 school. Building community and connections among all the students is often a difficult task. What if we created a facebook page for each classroom where projects, success and even failures could be posted. older kids could also incorporate Twitter and Instagram. A goal for every student, every week, would be to identify something great that they noticed about another student. This would build a community within the school of connected students. It would also build habits of using social media to prop people up rather than bringing people down. 


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I love this idea as well. How would you monitor posts and would administration be onboard.? It is a great way for information.

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I love this! It would also be a cool way for parents to stay updated on what's going on in the classroom. There could also be a lesson early in the year on how to communicate kindly online, so students learn about tone and language use in digital spaces.

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I like the full transparency of not trying it yet---that's what this platform is for. Just putting great ideas out there and then sparking conversations and building on them. I like it! I used to work at a K-8 school. I can see this flying with the 8th graders but maybe try a paper analog version first with the little ones---bc of facebook's "must be 13 policy" so a bulletin board that looks like a News Feed---teachers post on there and then another bulletin board but you cut out little birds in the shape of the twitter bird ---and then on each bird is like a positive tweet about another kid. I can see the K-4 teachers even using it as a word wall. Check this out: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/215891375860989743/?lp=true

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This is a great idea! Have you met Sarah Napoliello Sarah is awesome and she's done a similar project with her students in Richmond, CA. She might be a great person to connect with and share some insight from her experience with this. Thanks for your contribution, Stan!

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Stan. I like your core idea -- building communities of connected students. Hope you will think about how to build out this idea and contribute more in this phase and the next. It may be helpful to engage with other Teachers Guild members to comment on ideas and potentially collaborate in the build phase. Thanks for sharing your idea and being willing to experiment with a new idea for your classroom. Let us know if we can help!

I also saw that you didn't include a picture, so it would be great if you added a visual to give your idea the attention it deserves.