Flex the space to flex the mind

By creating inviting and flexible spaces, students will embrace interacting in person and add the digital tools to enhance their work.

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When learners are invited to share their ideas with others the screen becomes obsolete. Ideas and creativity must happen in 3D, and digital life is heavily 2d.

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

The spaces at the Stanford D School force this type of engagement.


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Hi Tom,

First of all, thanks for participating in this collaboration between the Teachers Guild and ISTE. We really appreciate your contributions!

We’re in the last week of the build phase of the challenge on digital citizenship so it’s time to fine tune your idea before final voting begins next week.

Here are some things to consider as you continue to build on your idea:
- is your idea clear and will it inspire action from other teachers?
- would it be easy for a teacher to incorporate your idea about digital citizenship in their classroom?
- does your idea include some component of research and are there shareable resources?
- is your idea student-centered and does it promote agency?


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