Embrace Social Media: Extend the Classroom Experience Online

Students spend tons of time in social media; let's teach them how to use it to network, learn and create (rather than consume and entertain)

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The best way to teach digital citizenship is to meet and mentor students in their space online--specifically social media. We need to encourage students to learn, create, and network online. We need to create new educational opportunities and imbue our current curriculum with this type of experience and mentorship. I've created new courses (see image above) and I've injected social media education my existing courses (see "research" below).  Incorporating social media into our curriculum will help students learn to appreciate media literacy & digital citizenship, and it will help open doors for curious learners who carefully cultivate a digital portfolio before leaving school. 

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

In my Contemporary World History class, I used Twitter to extend the learning beyond the course. Students learned from and interacted with accounts beyond the confines of the classroom from international news organizations, to professors, to non profits. Each student had to cultivate his own digital portfolio based on his interests under the umbrella of Contemp. World Hist. Students completed this portfolio with online information and original content to be understood as a learner in that space


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